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All About Bo's Boutique

Kat Powell

We have lots of new followers and friends on our Instagram and Facebook pages so we just wanted to give a Hello and short introduction to all of our new friends! 

The "we" behind all of this is me, Kat, and my sister, Rebecca.

Rebecca, opened Bo's Boutique in October 2015. Rebecca had a dream and a passion for helping other women find clothes that made them not just look good, but actually feel fabulous as well! During one of the hardest times of her life she decided to make her dream a reality. She named the store "Bo's" Boutique because Bo was her nickname growing up. 

Rebecca and I are great friends and are finding out that we are great co-workers as well. Even though Rebecca lives in Boston and I live in Birmingham we manage to spend a lot of quality time together. This is a pic of us at Sloss Fest this past July. And of course we are both decked out in our favorite Bo's Boutique outfits. 

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